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Feb 2024: We welcome two new group members - Dr. Philippa Seika for a year-long postdoctoral fellowship funded by the DFG, and Dr. Trisha Pasricha as an Assistant Professor in Medicine to take forth a new direction on translational research in neurodegenerative disorders.

August 2023: Our huge study detailing the discovery of mesodermal-derivation of enteric neurons, and their role in maturation and aging of the ENS is now published at eLife

August 2023: Our brief communication on identifying Gephyrin, a protein expressed by the Enteric Nervous System, as a novel auto-antigen in Scleroderma is now online.

February 2023: Our review on the risk factors, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of gastrointestinal dysmotility in patients suffering from Systemic Sclerosis is now online. Click here for the pdf version.

November 2022: Our preprint on using simple immunohistochemical methods to observe adult enteric neurogenesis is now online.

August 2021: Our paper on COUNTEN is published in eNeuro. First of our lab!

July 2021: The K-Lab is now funded by a pilot and feasibility grant from the Diacomp initiative, to use artificial intelligence methods and tools to understand pathological changes in gastric tissues of diabetic patients.

July 2021: Our first invited review on "Neurodegenerative disorders and gut-brain interactions" (J Clin Invest. 2021;131(13):e143775. is now published in Journal of Clinical Investigation!

Click here for the pdf version.

January 2021: The K-Lab is now funded through an R01 grant from the National Institute of Aging!

Our pre-print on COUNTEN - the first computer vision-driven software to accurately and rapidly count enteric neurons is up!

Find it at COUNTEN – an AI-driven tool for rapid, and objective structural analyses of the Enteric Nervous System | bioRxiv

Find our latest review on Neuron- Mucosal Innate Immune Crosstalk in gut at 

Neuro-innate immune interactions in gut mucosal immunity - ScienceDirect

Our pre-print on novel mesoderm-derived neurons in the adult Enteric Nervous System is up!!

Find it at

August 17th 2019: Come to our talk on Adult Enteric Neurogenesis at ANMS 2019 in the windy city Chicago 

November 3 - 7th 2018: Catch us at SfN2018 at the mini-symposium on Recent Advances in Enteric Neurobiology

Our review on the SfN2018 mini-symposium is up! 


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